Rubber Distributors

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the companies that supply rubber products to industrial manufacturers. The companies we’ll cover include IRD, Hankook Tire Co., Ltd., and Alliance Rubber Company. These companies have a vast customer base and a variety of products and services.


IRD rubber distributors specialize in providing rubber liners for a wide range of applications. These products are available in a variety of sizes, including generic balls. In addition, they are available at a variety of price points. The company’s website offers helpful information about its products and its business model. If you have any questions about the services and products offered by IRD, feel free to contact us. We look forward to addressing your needs and providing the best possible service.

Although IRD does not dispute that it is using Lopes’ registered trademark, the company is not contesting that Lopes’ trademark is a generic one. IRD also does not dispute the similarity of the trademarks and the relatedness of the goods. However, the company does make arguments about the strength of the mark. The Court has traditionally categorized trademarks in four different categories: fanciful or arbitrary, generic, and suggestive.

Daddy’s Junky Music Stores

Daddy’s Junky Music Stores were a small business in Salem, New Hampshire. Founded by Fred Bramante with $600 in 1972, the company expanded to 12 locations throughout New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. In 2005, it won the state’s Retailer of the Year award. However, pending legal issues forced it to close its doors.

The company was in trouble after it defaulted on an inventory loan and faced bankruptcy. As a result, it closed four stores in New Hampshire in October 2011. TheĀ rubber distributors company also closed branches in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Vermont. In its heyday, the chain had 20 locations, but it has since ceased operations in these states and Rhode Island.

Alliance Rubber Company

Alliance Rubber Company is a family-owned company that produces some of the world’s best rubber products. They manufacture ergonomic stretch rubber bands and higher-count per pound rubber bands. Their production facility is located in Hot Springs, AR and they are certified as a WOSB and ISO 9001:2015 firm.

Today, Alliance Rubber Company sells its rubber products through a variety of distributors worldwide. While not every distributor carries the full line of products, if you are looking for something specific, you can contact an authorized distributor in your area.

Hankook Tire Co., Ltd.

The Hankook Tire Co., Ltd is a South Korean tire manufacturer based in Seoul, South Korea. It is the seventh largest tire company in the world. With headquarters in Seoul, it provides tire products to customers around the world. The company uses advanced technology to create durable tires.

The company employs more than 21,000 people in its four regional headquarters and 28 overseas subsidiaries. It also has five research and development centers in various countries. Hankook generates 70 percent of its revenue in international markets. In 2017, the company bought the Australian tire firm JAX Tyres. The company named JAX Tyres as its first national retailer. Hankook is currently developing manufacturing facilities in Indonesia and the United States. It also operates technical centers in Daejon, Korea, Akenhagen, Germany, and Osaka, Japan.