Bellows expansion joint rubber

You have a couple of options when it comes to your expansion joint. You can get a Spool arch type, an Ultra-Sphere, or a Metraloops expansion joint rubber. There are also accessories that will help you maintain the integrity of the expansion joint. All of these parts are important for the operation of your vehicle.

Bellows expansion joint rubber is a flexible, elastic material with a variety of properties. It can withstand pressure, temperature, abrasion, and angular movement. This material is available in several grades and materials. It is manufactured using multiple plies of rubber reinforced with wire or solid metal rings. Its flexibility allows it to recover from imposed movements with minimal force.

The body of an expansion joint consists of an elastomeric rubber with an interior metal reinforcement. It protects thin-walled duct systems. The expansion joint’s rubber is either natural or synthetic. In standard circular expansion joints, the flanges are integral, while rectangular expansion joints incorporate rubber flanges at both ends. They also feature continuous corners, which eliminate splices near corners. In addition to flanges, Series ED expansion joints have metallic backing rings.

Spool arch type

A spool arch type expansion joint can accommodate a wide variety of media. Its molded bead can be filled with a variety of materials to improve its elasticity. Spool arch expansion joints are manufactured with a variety of materials, including rubber, elastomer, and metal.

EVR offers three standard types of spool arch expansion joints. These types can withstand large pressures, but are typically limited to one arch per line.


Ultra-Sphere expansion joint rubber has good pressure, temperature, and movement characteristics. It is designed to reduce vibration and prevent piping from being pushed too far. ThisĀ expansion joint rubber type of joint is also supplied with cable restraint attachments to prevent over-extension. Its construction features a Neoprene tube with multiple plies of nylon or polyester cord. It is rated for 150 psi and measures 1-1/2″ inside diameter by 7-1/4″ length.

These expansion joints are designed to reduce heat losses while providing maintenance-free service. They are constructed of a nylon fabric-reinforced neoprene body with forged carbon steel flanges. They are also compatible with a wide range of chemicals and oils. However, they are not recommended for use with keytones, corrosives, or corrosive materials.


The Metraloops expansion joint is a versatile solution for piping systems that experience nonlinear expansion and contraction. Its unique design allows it to absorb the movement of the pipe without requiring guides or anchors. The expansion joint reduces the number of guide installations, reducing the number of man hours and cost. Its CSA/AGA listing makes it the perfect choice for gas lines.

Metraloops are flexible expansion joints that can move 360 degrees in either direction. They can also compensate for thermal expansion and building settlement. These features allow them to meet seismic requirements and code requirements for building piping systems.