Wool Clothes For Your Child

Merino wool is a natural insulator that helps keep your little one warm and comfortable in all sorts of weather conditions. It absorbs moisture vapor from your child’s skin, moves it away from their body and keeps them cool when it gets hot and warm when it gets cold.

It’s also an antibacterial, which helps to reduce rashes and keep your kiddos healthy. And since it doesn’t shrink or wash out like cotton, it can be a great choice for hand-me-downs.

When choosing merino wool clothes for your child, look for a company that uses ethical and sustainable practices from the sheep to the consumer, such as this one. They use ZQ certified wool and Bluesign approved fabric, meaning they can assure their customers that their merino base layers are made in the most ethical way possible.

Chasing Windmills has a wide range of baby and children’s merino wool mittens canada in sizes from 3-6 months through 10 years, with many pieces that are available in coordinating sets. Their merino wool hoodies are great for layering under a winter jacket, while their soft long johns are perfect for warmer weather.

The merino wool is made in New Zealand, which means it’s eco-friendly and carbon neutral. The merino wool is grown in a natural process without using harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

They’re also 100% organic and have a zero-waste policy in place, meaning they send back the used wool they’ve sourced to farmers instead of throwing it in landfills or recycling it. Their merino wool base layers are also affordable and come in a variety of styles, from long-sleeve onesies to pajamas and bodysuits.

Nui Organics is another small, parent-owned merino wool clothing brand that makes a wide range of high-quality kids’ merino base layers in size ranges from newborn through 12 years. The long-sleeve base layer set (shirt and pants) sells for around $80, but their other clothing and accessories are more expensive.

Wee Woollies is another family-owned and operated merino wool base layer brand that designs and makes their products in Canada from ZQ certified merino wool, which means they can be assured their customers are purchasing products made in the most ethical way possible. These merino base layers for babies and kids are available in a variety of colors, including pinks, browns, and yellows and come in sizes from 3 months to 12 years.

TK Clothing is a Finnish family-owned and operated company that sells merino wool clothes, hats, and blankets in a variety of earth tones. Their merino wool hats are a classic and go well with their merino wool long johns and merino baby onesies.

These merino wool baby and toddler one-piece bodysuits are super soft and durable, with ribbed cuffs on the hands and feet that can be rolled up or down for a more secure fit as they grow. They’re made in a 72% merino wool and 28% lyocell blend, making them super soft on your little one.