Sacred Online Business Academy, Immortal Mind, and Transformation Academy

spiritual coaching certification

If you’re looking for a spiritual coaching certification, there are many options available. These programs provide the tools and training you need to become a successful spiritual coach. In this article, we’ll compare three options: Sacred Online Business Academy, Immortal Mind(r) and Transformation Academy. These programs are designed to develop your high-level coaching skills and help you cultivate your intuitive and spiritual gifts. The program also introduces you to a whole new approach to marketing and intuitive coaching sessions.

Level 2 spiritual coaching certification

The Aletheia Meditation System provides a comprehensive approach to the practice of nondual work. In this system, students are guided through an ongoing process of meditation that deepens their understanding of the nature of reality. Students learn to work with the Transmutation, Translucence, and Transfiguration styles of Nondual Work. Each practice involves the development of the student’s own spiritual and mental practices. For the Level 2 program, students study about 400 pages of course material.

The training begins with the Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy, which is based on the work of Frederic Brussat. It contains 37 letters that represent universal spiritual practices in all transformative traditions, and are best understood as core values of the heart and mind. These principles have been validated by a deep study of world traditions. Understanding spiritual literacy is crucial to our own well-being, and for the transformation of others.

Sacred Online Business Academy

A Spiritual coaching certification through Sacred Online Business Academy can be an excellent start for aspiring coaches who want to build sustainable prosperity through spiritual practice. The program includes seven audio classes, workbooks, and a private Facebook group for members. This training is unlike any other, and is available to members for life. Students receive lifetime access to the materials. The program can help you develop a strong foundation and balance your masculine and feminine energies.

The course includes the required 150-hour coursework, which can be completed online from the comfort of your own home. In addition, the Awakened Certified Spiritual Life Coach Certification is designed to empower participants to transform internal and external challenges. Graduates will feel empowered to guide others, and may also want to become an author, speaker, or course facilitator. In addition to these benefits, the program offers a travel-friendly learning environment.

Immortal Mind(r)

If you’re a life coach or therapist, you should consider earning a Certified Spiritual Coach (CSC) certification from the Immortal Mind Institute. This training will give you the tools and techniques you need to help your clients achieve their goals, whether that’s personal growth, a better career, or a successful relationship. The program is ideal for those who are interested in expanding their business or pursuing financial freedom.

This program begins with the study of Eastern spirituality, and teaches you the three levels of awareness that are the foundation of human existence. This level of awareness encompasses the true nature of each client, and includes guidance in both waking and dream life. It teaches you how to recognize the shadow elements of family and cultural influences in a client and how to help them integrate these aspects of their lives. It also helps you help your clients individuate, so they can be truly free of self-limiting beliefs.

Transformation Academy

Transformation Academy is a global organization that empowers entrepreneurs, transformation junkies, and other life coaches. With more than 100,000 students from 191 countries, Transformation Academy has the highest standards for certification. Instructors are highly qualified with over a decade of experience. For instance, Joeel Rivera, a former psychology instructor, is currently completing his Ph.D. dissertation on happiness and success. This certification is a great fit for entrepreneurs, whether you are a new coach or have been practicing for decades.

The Spiritual Coach Training Program is designed to help you become a successful coach, while simultaneously honoring your unique spiritual gifts. You’ll be equipped to help others awaken their own spiritual gifts and engage their deeper driving forces for a more fulfilling life. This training also equips you with the tools to successfully market and accelerate your coaching practice. With the certification, you’ll be well on your way to a prosperous business! But what are the benefits of a Spiritual Coach Certification?