Roman Candle War Personal Injury Lawsuits

Roman candles are a type of fireworks that ejects one or more stars or exploding shells

Roman candles are a classic type of firework that ejects a star or exploding shell. They can be purchased in a variety of sizes and are excellent for backyard and professional fireworks displays.

They can cause serious damage

Roman candle wars can be dangerous, and the young people who participate should always be supervised. The flame-emitting devices are extremely hot, and they can even cause serious injuries. The roman candle injuries most common injury is to the hands, as the flames can cause severe burns and even lose fingers. Some people are also careless with these devices, and they can cause property damage. This is why it’s important to have home insurance, or renter’s insurance, to cover any damage caused by illegal fireworks.

They can lead to personal injury lawsuits

While Roman candle wars are entertaining and fun, they are also dangerous and can result in personal injury lawsuits if you get hurt. These fireworks, which are hand held, shoot flaming balls that may be in direct contact with other people. Because they are so unstable, it is not always possible to control them and they can easily hit innocent bystanders. Injuries caused by Roman candle wars are often severe, and people can end up in court facing charges of assault or personal injury lawsuits.

They are illegal in Wichita

The city of Wichita has banned the use of roman candles. The ordinance has been in effect for decades. But the ban was rarely enforced, even when the laws were passed. In Wichita, roman candles are illegal and they are prohibited for safety reasons. In addition, roman candles are flammable, and fire officials say they can be dangerous.

They can cause 400 injuries

A Roman candle war is an explosive, dangerous and potentially lethal sport. A 10-inch Roman candle fired at someone’s face can seriously injure a person, or even blow off a portion of their face. It can also result in burns from third to fourth degree. One such incident has even resulted in a death.

They can damage property

Although roman candle wars may be fun, they can be dangerous. People can be injured and property can be destroyed, and you could end up facing charges of assault or even a personal injury lawsuit. It’s important to stay away from these events if you don’t want to get sued.