Ant Control South Florida

Ants are common pests in Florida, with species such as Pharaoh sugar ants, Carpenter ants, Fire ants and Ghost ants causing problems in many areas. Ants are opportunistic and can enter homes from anywhere, but there are several steps homeowners can take to limit the number that make it inside. Regularly cleaning kitchen counters, wiping up spills immediately, storing food in sealed containers and limiting entrance points with a tight seal on windows and doors are all good ant control practices.

Carpenter ants are another frequent home intruder, and the good news is that this particular ant species is fairly easy to control. The bad news is that they can cause extensive damage to a home’s structure, so it’s important to inspect wood regularly and repair any ant-infested areas promptly. Keeping wood piles away from the house, repairing water leaks and sealing gaps around windows and doors are other preventative measures that can help reduce the risk of carpenter ants Ant Control South Florida making their way into the home.

Pharaoh sugar ants are another invasive pest that can be found in the state, and these tiny ants are especially difficult to eradicate. It’s best to rely on pest control professionals for these type of infestations.

For a more preventative measure, try to eliminate aphids and other insects that exude honeydew, which are the primary source of food for Pharaoh ants. Also, sanitizing the home on a regular basis (cleaning counters, wiping up spills immediately, keeping all pantries and cabinets closed, making it a habit to empty garbage cans and recycling bins daily) can greatly limit the number of aphids and other ant-producing insect that are attracted to the property.

If an ant problem does occur, the best method for controlling the infestation is to use a non-repellent spray that is specifically designed for ants. Read the label carefully to ensure you’re using the product according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and don’t forget that you should only spray outside your home, not indoors, as doing so could violate the law. Spray the ant trails leading to your home, at entrance points like doors and windows and over any holes where cable and power wires are entering the building.

Another method of ant control is to simply pour boiling water over the ant nest, but this should only be done if you know where the nest is located and if it’s safe to do so without scalding yourself. A professional should be consulted if this is the approach chosen to deal with an ant infestation, as these types of techniques can lead to serious health issues for the homeowner.